Rita Robinson

Rita RobinsonRita Robinson, author of 11 books, is an award-winning journalist with more than 1,500 published magazine articles and short stories on four continents. Although her books are nonfiction, her work includes several published adult and children’s short fiction stories. Her books include Grand Old Hotels of Southern and Central California; Survivors of Suicide; When Your Parents Need You; The Palm: A Guide to Your Hidden Potential; Discover Yourself Through Palm Reading; When Women Choose to Be Single; Friends: How to Make and Keep Them; The Hands of Health; Color Your World: Using the Power of Color and Light in Your Life; Center of the World: Native American Spirituality; and Exploring Native American Wisdom. Publishers are Epicenter Press, Seattle Washington; and New Page Books, an imprint of Career Press, Franklin Lakes, NJ. She has also edited books and provided graphics for two publishing companies.

Her eclectic interests including travel, health/psychology, alternative practices, technology, and the environment have lead to articles in Westways, Los Angeles Magazine, Trailer Life, California Today, Desert Magazine, Boating Product News, Men’s Fitness, Reader’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Playgirl, Mother Earth News, Let’s Live, Health Magazine, Pro-Trucker, Kiwanis, and Trip & Tour, to name a few.

An instructor with Writer’s Digest School for 12 years, she is author of WOW’s Marketing Your Magazine Articles workshop. She has also conducted writer’s workshops at several conferences, including the Maui Writer’s Retreat, and at seven community colleges, as well as working as a private writing coach and editor.

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