Character Trait Exercises

  1. Every person has many facets to his or her character. A good fictional character also is multi-faceted. In order for you to consider all the facets of your characters, write a description of a character as if you were a character witness testifying in defense of this person. Then write a description of the same character as if you were a character witness called by the prosecution. Remember, both parties are discussing the same character, so the characteristics discussed have to be consistent.
  2. Give each of the following characters an external marker that would best convey the emotion in the situation described:
    1. Lisa confidently addresses a gathering of stockholders.
    2. Tom nervously passes the minutes before performing surgery.
    3. Eric waits at a restaurant to give the woman he loves some bad news.
  3. Select three secondary characters from a story idea you’ve been considering. Give each one an identifying characteristic that would make him or her stand out in a story.

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