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Why Is Social Media Valuable for Your Writing Career?

Regardless of the type of work you create—fiction, nonfiction, memoir, articles, or other types of writing—social media can have a positive impact on your writing career. Some of the benefits:

Connecting with like-minded people. These could be other writers, experts in your field, readers, or those who inspire you. Many people are skeptical of who they will meet via social media, but amazed once they begin to build strong connections with people who inspire them in one way or another.

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Strengthening connections you make elsewhere. For instance, meeting someone at a conference, and then extending that relationship by following and interacting with each other on social media. Or staying in touch with colleagues from a job you just left. Or learning from someone in your industry whose book you loved.

Sharing your value. Instead of just telling people “I write mystery novels” or “I am an expert in salt-water fishing,” you can now show them, one status update at a time.

Learning about others in your community: who they are, what they like, what they don’t like, what their challenges are, and so many other things. Oftentimes, writers generalize who their audience is, as if they are a faceless, nameless mass who all act the same way. This is a simplified view of the world, and actually does a disservice to the writers themselves. If you want to learn how to create work that engages real people, this is a tremendous opportunity to learn about them, and build your audience slowly over time. This is more effective than creating your work privately and then unleashing it on the world, hoping that readers somehow find it.

Overall, this is about building relationships. Ask most people how they found success, and the answer often comes down to relationships. Social media is now a primary way to do this.

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