Creative Exercise for Inspirational Writing

  1. Take a day or so to think of what you want to share when you write inspirational material, then list those elements. Next, think of what type of material you might write to convey such thoughts and feelings. Write these down as well so you can mull this over, without forgetting.
  2. Spend some time in a bookstore or a library (either in-person or online) in the section that offers material of the type you think you might like to write yourself. Browse a little. Notice what is out there already in your category and how it’s presented on the covers or blurbs. Write down the publishers or magazine titles. If you’re doing your browsing online and you want to write for magazines, you can use a search engine to find the individual magazines you might target with your stories or articles.
  3. Look through your own library at home to see which books, articles, and stories excited and inspired you. Perhaps you want to write something similar. If so, you might try rereading the book or story to see what about this piece really gave you a spiritual impetus.

This article was taken from the course Essentials of Writing to Inspire. Click here to register for the course now!

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