Creative Exercises for Inspirational Writers

  1. Suppose two members of your own family or two friends were characters in a fictional piece. Write down (the better choice for a writer) or spend some time imagining what they would do under the following circumstances:
    1. Having to organize the family or help neighbors in a serious storm.
    2. Worrying because you were late for a get-together.
    3. Nominated for a special award in his or her field.
  2. Pick someone on a spiritual path whom you admire, and write about an incident in which you feel his or her inner strengths really showed.
  3. Attribute the qualities you admire most to an imaginary character and write a scene in which those qualities are challenged and emerge, such as under the pressure of a catastrophic event. Now add two inner flaws to the character you’re writing about and rewrite the scene.

Bonus Exercise: Whatever exercise you chose, now go back and pinpoint each person’s/character’s overall objective.

This creative exercise came from the course Writing a Religious Book

Are you inspired to inspire others? Inspirational writing can be short or long as well as fiction or nonfiction.  In this course, you will decide between writing fiction or non-fiction, and reach deep inside yourself to write the articles, stories and books that will help your readers live inspired lives.

You will:

  • The various forms of insipirational/spiritual/religious writing
  • How to stay motivated and inspired to write
  • To set the scene with research and firm details
  • To identify appropriate markets and prepare your query and manuscript for submission

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