Creative Exercises for Mystery Writers

  1. Everyday Objects: Choose an everyday object and make it the center point of a plot idea. Example: A weed-filled flowerbed could have a murder victim buried beneath it.
  2. Hiding The Murder Weapon: Come up with a possible murder weapon and then describe how you would hide it in plain sight.
  3. Change Your Criminal: At this point, you’ve probably decided which character is going to be the guilty party. For experimentation purposes, write a scene that will appear near the end of your story or novel in which a different character is identified as the criminal. How easy or difficult would it be for you to rearrange clues, alibis, etc. in order to make this character “fit” as the villain?

This creative exercise came from the course Essentials of Mystery Writing

Do you read mysteries and think “I wish I could write that?” well, you can. Work with a published mystery writer to learn about the subtleties of the mystery genre, and begin working on your own page-turning mystery. By the conclusion of the workshop, you will have written 2500 and critiqued up to 2500 words of your mystery novel or short story.

You will:

  • How to construct a compelling mystery plot
  • How to develop fascinating characters
  • How to conceal clues while still playing fair with your reader
  • How to find organizations for mystery writers and to submit your manuscript

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