Do You Know Your Market?

Write a description of your market including more than demographics. Show size using actual numbers. Answer these questions:

  1. Are there enough people in your target market who will purchase your book?
  2. Are these people who might read your blog?
  3. Is your idea appropriate for this target market?
  4. Can you reach this target market with your blog?

This creative exercise came from the course How to Blog a Book

In four video presentations, Nina Amir outlines the best practices for creating a marketable idea, attracting readers, optimizing your blog’s content for search engines, developing a writing plan, and every other topic you need to take your blogged book from start to finish. Throughout the workshop you will work on creative exercises designed to lay a firm foundation for your blog.

You will learn how to:

  • Write the first draft of your book on your blog
  • Build a strong author platform
  • Prove to publishers that you and your book are marketable

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