Dramatic Scenes And Conflict

Pick a dramatic scene with conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist: Write a paragraph for each of the following:

  1. What does the protagonist want?
  2. What does the antagonist want?
  3. What has the scene accomplished?
  4. What’s different about each character at the end of the scene from what they were or knew at the beginning of the scene.

This creative exercise is indicative of the type of exercises in Writing the Middle Grade Book

Children’s publishing is a vibrant yet challenging market for today’s writers. Editors say that 95% of submissions are poorly written and inappropriate. Because children have short attention spans and a wide range of reading abilities, it takes more than just a good story to be successful.

You will learn:

  • To connect your character to your reader through strong beginnings
  • To recognize telling and change it to showing
  • To identify what a child reader wants from the climax of the story – and deliver
  • To develop rules, checks, and rewriting procedures for a writing process

Writing the Middle Grade Book

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