Frequently Asked Questions About MFA Writing Programs

The life of a writer involves reading, writing, and receiving feedback on your work either through an online critique service or an in-person critique group. If your goal is to work on improving your craft or pursue writing as a professional career, you should consider applying to a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) program.

Take a look at the questions below that writers often have when thinking about applying to MFA programs for writing and find the answers you’re looking for.

What is an MFA?

An MFA is a Masters in Fine Arts degree. There are many MFA programs focusing on different fields of study like acting, filmmaking, fine art, and writing. Even within writing MFA programs, usually you can choose a concentration or specialty such as fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or screenwriting.

It’s worth noting that our MFA Prep course is meant for anyone–regardless of genre or specialty–who is applying to a MFA writing program.

How Long Is An MFA Program?

Most MFA programs offer two years of coursework with the option to spend an additional year working on your “thesis” which could mean a book or final paper–basically a requirement for graduation–while some institutions offer both one-year and three-year programs.

The typical MFA student can expect to spend up to five years total on an MFA degree including a year for applying to programs and waiting to be accepted, two or three years for completing the program’s coursework, and one or two years for working on and completing your thesis, or final project.

Why Should I Get a Masters of Fine Arts?

One of the best reasons to get an MFA in writing is because you want to pursue your passion and improve your craft. Enrolling in an MFA program allows you to spend years focusing on your writing, receiving feedback from your peers and instructors, and of course, joining a community filled with like-minded people that can provide you with the support and encouragement you need to complete the program and take your writing to the next level.

An MFA program will provide you with time to write and develop your work, and the opportunity to learn from great professors, which is priceless!

Why Should I Enroll in Writer’s Digest University’s MFA Prep Course?

This course taught by one of our top instructors, Mark Spencer. It helps you to keep organized and prepare the materials you need to submit your application to MFA program(s) on your list–without the stress!

Let Mark guide you through the application process! He’ll cover everything you need to know–from how to get started, what’s needed to apply, how to choose a MFA program, to asking for recommendations, writing your resume or personal statement, and editing your manuscript. Take our MFA Prep course today and prepare for your future in writing!

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