Characterization Exercises for Romance Writers

  1. Every person has many facets to his or her character. A good fictional character also is multi-faceted. In order for you to consider all the facets of your characters, write a description of a character as if you were a character witness testifying in defense of this person. Then write a description of the same character as if you were a character witness called by the prosecution. Remember, both parties are discussing the same character, so the characteristics discussed have to be consistent.
  2. Explore ways of describing a character’s physical characteristics without using the mirror method. How can you let the reader know your character is a red-head without making the fact intrusive in the story?

This creative exercise came from the course Writing the Romance Novel

Does a deep love story live in your soul? Could you join the ranks of the Bronte sisters, Nora Roberts, Judith McNaught, Danielle Steele, or Nicholas Sparks? Discover your romantic writing roots while you familiarize yourself with the specific factors that create a successful romance story.

You will learn:

  • How the hero of an action novel differs from the hero of a romantic novel
  • To master the tricky business of putting your hero and heroine together and keeping them together-yet-apart until the story’s close
  • To create the sexual tension that will have your readers turning the pages late into the night
  • Conventions must be followed and what rules can be broken for readers to embrace your work

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