Stories and Plots

Do you want to expand your writing skills and develop great plots?  Try these exercises:

  1. Imagine that you are a producer pitching a movie of your story to a studio executive. You have to get it all across in the proverbial “twenty-five words or less.” What is your novel about? What’s the storyline?
  2. Imagine that you’re the movie of your story has been produced and is appearing on TV for the first time. Write the “log line” in the TV Guide listing. In one or two sentences, what’s the plot? For instance, “A man finds himself abducted in a time machine and discovers the abductor is a future version of himself.”
  3. Write a synopsis of the plot of your favorite story.

This article was taken from the course Essentials of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing. Click here to register for the course now!

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