Interviewing Tips

The writer must ask all the pertinent questions and ensure the accuracy of the answers. But, a good interviewer is also willing to veer off the subject, if a more engaging one surfaces—and so begins the balancing act. My personal solution is this: I research the subject of the interview, and jot down thoughts in preparation, but I never create a hard and fast set of questions. I want my interviews to have the flavor of a pleasant yet professional … Learn More →

Conducting and Writing Interviews

Watch an interview on one of the popular television “news magazines” or morning news programs. Critique the performance of the interviewer: How well does he or she ask questions that get to the heart of the subject rather than merely elicit canned responses? Write a short profile of yourself that combines quotes (you can make these up–after all, you’re the subject!) and exposition to create a sense of what you’re like as a person. This article was taken from the … Learn More →