Stories and Plots

Do you want to expand your writing skills and develop great plots?  Try these exercises: Imagine that you are a producer pitching a movie of your story to a studio executive. You have to get it all across in the proverbial “twenty-five words or less.” What is your novel about? What’s the storyline? Imagine that you’re the movie of your story has been produced and is appearing on TV for the first time. Write the “log line” in the TV … Learn More →

Worlds and Worldbuilding

You’ve always wanted to—go ahead and draw a map of your imaginary world or planet. No, it never has to be published. But it might help generate a “sense of place” at least in the author—and it could lead to some story ideas. Read a popular astronomy book on habitable planets. There are good ones by Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, and other famous scientists. Notice that factors such as the distance of a planet to its primary (star) can determine … Learn More →