Using Anecdotes To Flavor Your Articles

An anecdote is a little story that writers use to enrich their articles. Anecdotes flavor articles by adding a human quality to them, by giving inside information about small things that actually happened to people, and often by giving insights into human frailties, characteristics, and qualities that could not be shown as vividly any other way. Almost everyone is familiar with the anecdote–Reader’s Digest publishes dozens of short, humorous ones each month. Within an article, an anecdote doesn’t have to … Learn More →

Interviewing Tips

The writer must ask all the pertinent questions and ensure the accuracy of the answers. But, a good interviewer is also willing to veer off the subject, if a more engaging one surfaces—and so begins the balancing act. My personal solution is this: I research the subject of the interview, and jot down thoughts in preparation, but I never create a hard and fast set of questions. I want my interviews to have the flavor of a pleasant yet professional … Learn More →

Conducting and Writing Interviews

Watch an interview on one of the popular television “news magazines” or morning news programs. Critique the performance of the interviewer: How well does he or she ask questions that get to the heart of the subject rather than merely elicit canned responses? Write a short profile of yourself that combines quotes (you can make these up–after all, you’re the subject!) and exposition to create a sense of what you’re like as a person. This article was taken from the … Learn More →

Creative Exercise for Inspirational Writing

Take a day or so to think of what you want to share when you write inspirational material, then list those elements. Next, think of what type of material you might write to convey such thoughts and feelings. Write these down as well so you can mull this over, without forgetting. Spend some time in a bookstore or a library (either in-person or online) in the section that offers material of the type you think you might like to write … Learn More →

Keep a Journal

Writing tip: Essay ideas are all around us, from the great to the small. Start a journal that is devoted to “snippets from life”. Include overheard dialogue, character sketches, descriptions of places, childhood memories, musings, dreams, as they come to you. These are the ingredients of the personal essay – and sometimes so easily forgotten, if not written down! This article was taken from the course Essentials of Writing Personal Essays. Click here to register for the course now!