The Perfect Ending

Maybe you knew the ending of your story before you even wrote your rough draft, or maybe you now find yourself unsure of your original choice for the ending.  Here are a couple of exercises that will help you find the best, and perhaps unexpected, ending to your story: Put the story aside and make a list of all the possible things that could happen in the ending (even if they violate your original vision of the story).  Come at … Learn More →

Getting Started On A Short Story

Having trouble getting started? Try freewriting. The rules are simple: sit down with a pen and paper and write for ten minutes. Don’t stop to think. Don’t let the pen come off the page. This classic exercise is designed to give your subconscious ideas a chance to emerge without being impeded by the censoring “filter” of your conscious mind. Some writers like to keep a notebook near their bed, so they can write immediately upon waking, before the distractions and … Learn More →