Caroline Bridges

“Of all the writing instructors I’ve had, John DeChancie is my absolute favorite – a true “Goldilocks” mentor, neither too harsh nor too coddling. He doesn’t pull punches, but he can rake you over the coals and leave you laughing because of the wry sense of humor and the respect that still come through. Likewise, he’s candid with his positive remarks, letting you know what he enjoyed and what worked. In all of this, he uses specific examples from your writing to illustrate his points, making it easier to learn and lending weight to his critiques. No skimming or rush jobs from John. Another writer recommended him when I was contemplating the Fundamentals course. I enjoyed his style so much that I went on to join the Advanced Novel Writing course, as well. I can honestly say he’s made a tremendous impact on my writing, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”
~ Caroline Bridges

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