Christine Mazurk

“I have two books coming out – the first is an anthology written with NYT Bestselling author Annette Blair and introducing me (Christine Mazurk), Lynn Jenssen, and Jeanine Duval Spikes. The title is Sisters of Spirit – Treasures of the Hidden Cove. Then my full-length novel debuts. The one I began writing with instructor Terri Valentine and Writer’s Digest University – Passion’s Race!

“As for inspiration, I’m an athlete and use my running, cycling, and swimming time to create scenes in my head. Once I’m done with a workout, I sit at the computer and re-create what I planned in my head. I also believe in the power of observation. I pay attention to everything that goes on around me. It’s a fabulous way of creating unique and interesting characters, picking up little gestures or ticks to use … patterns of speech, etc.”
~ Christine Mazurk

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