Gwen Evans

About a year ago I was fortunate enough to take a writing class with Kelly Sagert.  The class was designed for at home moms and dads.  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class and gained from it.  Prior to the class I had always wanted to write but lacked confidence and a sense of direction.  Kelly was wonderful!  She was available, gave constructive comments and helped me to ‘find my feet’ and begin formulating concrete goals for my writing.  While I am still in the baby step phase, I have launched my own blog and have started writing articles to be published online.  I am very sure that had I not taken that class with Kelly, and had her feedback and support, I would not be moving forward.  Thanks to that course and Kelly’s involvement, I am writing regularly now and I know that I can pursue my dream.

Please continue to make that course available for other at home parents who are writers in the rough.  Thank you for making Kelly’s expertise available to newbie writers like me!

Here is the course: Freelance Writing for Stay at Home Moms (and Dads)

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