Lawrence Cady

“I participated in the Advanced Novel Writing course with Mark Spencer as the instructor. I wanted to let you know that not only did I enjoy every minute of this course but I also was thoroughly impressed with Mark Spencer’s insights throughout and overall evaluation of materials I submitted. Mark’s editorial comments, his assessments of character and plot, and his attention to detail in my work have helped me to realize a version of the manuscript that is far superior to the one I entered the course with. I was also very impressed with Mark’s ability to pinpoint trouble spots in my writing and to suggest fixes to specific scenes and passages. In a number of chapters of my novel, Mark saw some major structural problems, which, with his suggestions, I was able to re-work and improve 10-fold. That alone was worth the course. I’m very grateful to Mark and WDU for the opportunity to take this course, which I would recommend to any writer who wants to improve his or her abilities as a novelist.”
~ Lawrence Cady

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