Pat Estgate

“I am halfway through my second course, and wanted to take a moment to tell you how completely satisfied I am with your workshops. I started investigating fiction last winter, and took three classes at another place. I was delighted with my first, having never done an online workshop before; happy with my second, but by my third, I realized that they lack both the depth of resources and level of faculty needed to really create a successful learning experience. How did I figure this out? I took one of your 6 week courses, Short Story Writing, with Mark Spencer. It was terrific, allowing for great interaction with both teacher and students; it filled in all of the holes I’d experienced elsewhere.

And then I signed up for Fundamentals of Fiction Writing, again with Mark, and have been blown away. The amount of information provided is wonderful. The lecture supplements are fantastic. The exercises are well-designed and really teach the topic. In the case of my instructor, I cannot say enough. He is responsive, articulate, helpful and engaged, qualities I found in short supply elsewhere.”
~ Pat Estgate

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