Tegon Maus

“I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but when I signed up for Terri Valentine’s class at Writer’s Digest, I wasn’t sure what end of the pencil to hold on to. I had written hundreds and hundreds of pages of garbely goop and thought I had a novel. I had no idea what genre I wrote or for that matter what genre I should write. I had kissing in my story so… I thought Romance. As it turns out what I write is Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Terri made me more focused, made my writing much, much better. She helped me give my characters more depth, made them more real and gave them something to say that was worth reading. More importantly she gave me the confidence that I was indeed good enough to be a writer. As a teacher… I take that back… as a mentor she has no equal and is person to whom I can look up to and admire. Thanks to her it’s only taken me 12 years of hard work to become an over night success! My fantasy novel The Littlefield Chronicles – The Gift is being Published through Belvedere Publishing and will be on Amazon. I also have a Sci-Fi novel as well as a collection of short stories available as E-books.”
~ Tegon Maus

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