How to Start a Blog

A key to success for any writer is having an online presence. Blogging is one way to share your expertise and—at the same time—build an author platform. Don’t know how to start a blog? Not sure what to focus on? Don’t fret. Here are some tips from the Blogging 101 class.

Identify Your Audience!

Most people approach online media by casting the widest net. They want as many “eyeballs” as possible, assuming that scale will lead to success. But that’s not the case. Don’t always assume that scale is what you should be aiming for. It takes just the right person to launch your career, and I have heard so many stories of people with a small following getting a huge payday because of a single connection.

Focusing on a specialized niche audience is far more powerful when it comes to blogging for two reasons:

  • It is better (and easier) to build your reputation in a specific niche than competing with every other website on the web.
  • Unless you go HUGE, there is little sustainability in a large, but unspecific audience. You can’t effectively manage them, market to them, or attract partners or advertisers.

And let’s face it—it is so much more manageable for you to approach a specific audience you are familiar with than it is to target a huge, vague group called “the audience.” In a niche audience, these people have names and faces and are approachable. Sure, you may have dreams of getting an endorsement from Oprah and having every non-reader in the country suddenly be dying to purchase your book. But you may be better off targeting an achievable goal that puts you on the path to a long and sustainable career as an author because you build your following one niche at a time.

With the advent of social media, there are so many ways to find your target audience, or, the people whom you most want to attract. Perhaps you are writing a blog about food. The more you understand what you want to write about, the more you are able to understand who your ideal audience is. For instance, maybe you want to attract readers who focus on barbecue. Right away, you have a sense of who your ideal audience would be. In class, you will learn ways to find your target audience.

Blogging 101 will guide you through the entire blogging process—how to create and setup a blog, where to start, and much more. You’ll learn how to attract readers and how to market your writing. Start a successful blog today and get noticed by editors and publishers.

This partial lecture came from the course Blogging 101.


  • Effective techniques for writing online
  • How to set attainable goals and create a successful blog
  • How to come up with ideas and content for your blog
  • How to manage your blog effectively
  • How to create an editorial calendar to keep your content on track
  • How to interact with readers on your blog and build a sense of community
  • What search engine optimization is and how to use it to your advantage
  • Practical tips on integrating your blog with social media

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