How to Publish a Book

Do you want to be guided through the epublishing process from start to after publication, as well as given guidance on how to promote and market your book?

No writer is an island. The minimum amount of spit and polish a book requires is proofreading, but even a seasoned professional (actually, a seasoned professional knows better) can always use the sharp eye of a good editor. If you can afford it, you should hire a line editor to read your book through before you hire the proofreader or copy editor. They will look at your language and syntax and ensure that your work flows smoothly.

If you have written novel, a good line editor should be able to point out plot and character inconsistencies that you may have missed. After you have had your book line edited, you would then have it copy edited, which is much like proofreading, but more detailed. A proofreader will only change egregious mistakes. A copy editor will make you look better.

Then your book will be converted into book text and formatted for each of the various online platforms that are available to readers. Today, the minimum platforms are Mobi for Amazon, epub for almost everything else, and a pdf.

Traditional houses hire a designer to do the interior design of the book and often includes pagination changes, headers and footers. A designer will also know how your copyright page should look, where it should place in the conversion process and how your end pages will fall.

Amazon has a self-conversion process that you can take advantage of. I am told it is fairly easy, but you won’t know what the problems with the book are until you find them, while someone who has done this before will make sure that the book looks professional. I recommend that you hire someone to convert and format your books.

You will have to set up an account on Amazon in order to sell your books. If you are only going to sell through Amazon, you might as well choose their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select program, which increases your marketing presence on their site, but it means that you cannot sell your book through any other vendor.

This partial lecture came from the course How to Create, Market, and Sell your Ebook.

In this course you will learn:

  • The history and economics of publishing at this time
  • What is needed to epublish
  • The steps you need to take
  • How much it will cost
  • Whether to do it all yourself or hire help
  • How to publish a book
  • How to create a marketing plan
  • Guerilla marketing on a budget
  • What to expect once your book is published
  • How to plan the next steps in your career

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