How to Write a Children’s Book

Back in the day (and by “day”, we mean anything before about 2004), if you dreamed of publishing a children’s book, you had two options:

You worked hard on your craft, then submitted your book to publishers. And waited. You attended conferences and met editors and agents taking submissions. You mailed in your manuscript, and waited. If you had a very good book, excellent timing, and a large dollop of luck, you eventually got a call from an editor offering you a publishing contract. What a good day to be a children’s book writer! Throw a party!

Or you could self-publish. At that time, self-publishing involved loads of money and cadre of experts to help with the design, printing and distribution of your book. And space in your garage to store your inventory. And months convincing distributors to place your book in stores. If you managed to get one or two prime reviews, you might make back your original investment within a year. Another reason to throw a party.

Then in 2007 Amazon released the Kindle.

The naysayers said eBooks would never catch on. They were wrong. They said kids would never read books on a screen. They were wrong. They said you could never easily provide quality illustrated books for an eReader.

Wrong again.

Here’s what the KDP Kids’ Book Creator means to you: if you dream of publishing an illustrated book for children, if you want to reach kids with your work and impact their lives, now you can. You can do it easily, instantly, and without spending your life savings. Children’s books are at their very core works of art, and now anyone — regardless of income or connections or location — can be an artist.

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