Writing Copy – Breaking into Copywriting

Writing Copy – Breaking into Copywriting. The 4 Copywriting Guidelines:

While there are countless ways to utilize copy, there are 4 fundamental guidelines that most copy follows, regardless of what is being written or the medium in which it will appear.

These guidelines may be familiar if you have marketing experience, or you might recognize them from Glengarry Glen Ross, the play (and film) about sales. Don’t let the image of Alec Baldwin screeching “Always. Be. Closing.” scare you! These classic principles give you a strong foundation for building your copy. You can remember them through the acronym AIDA:

1. Attention

Capture the minds of the audience.

2. Interest

Convey the benefits of the product in a compelling way.

3. Desire

Cause a response in the audience through emotional triggers.

4. Action

Induce them to take a desired action.

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